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Immediately below is the old flyer - some information is out of date.
Old Flyer

As most of you are aware, the Willow Swim Club has been an integral part of the southwest Chicagoland community for many generations located off of German Church Road just west of Wolf Road in Willow Springs. Since 1930, it has been the meeting place for many individuals and families to come and relax and socialize, a great country atmosphere and most important, good clean swimming.

The Chesloe family has owned and operated the Willow Swim Club since 1948 until its closing on Labor Day 2009. Many of the former members recall their experiences at the pool, including some meeting their future spouses, learning how to swim, winning swim championships with Coach Charley, being reprimanded by either Grandma (Caroline), Charley, or Gerry - or simply just growing up at the pool.

In short, Willow is an institution worth preserving and remembering, teaching many of us good principles, life lessons and providing us with many great memories.

Many of you have approached us after the Pool's closing, about the possibility of reopening and it is very heartfelt. Based upon this interest, I have put together this site as a resource to see if that is a possibility. I would certainly like to hear your thoughts and explore this further.

Please note that I have surveyed the other clubs in an effort to have a new and improved place to gather.

I would like to have a longer season, a tiki hut with food and beverages, some outdoor water slides, a new and improved baby pool with shower heads and adult parties and activities. I can be reached by email at

I hope the future holds something for all of us to enjoy again at a new and improved Willow Swim Club.

- Jim Chesloe

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